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Sholove International LLC is dedicated to providing leadership, support, and guidance to teens who have lost parents.  Our intent is to identify personal issues and uncover solutions to them on an individual level.  We help youth deal with the following challenges.

- Life without purpose

- People who cause trouble

- Hidden traps and obstacles

- Worry and depression

- Personal blame

- Loss of faith

When faced with these or any of the other the challenges we share as individuals, our power to overcome grows stronger as we join together with others and support each other as a group.  Our desire is to collectively become an outlet, a vehicle that will make an impact internationally, one teen at a time.

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Join us as we show love to thousands of hurting youth everywhere.

Come be a part of something and really make a difference. Open your heart and Sholove!

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“If a man knows not what harbor he seeks, any wind is the right wind”  - Seneca