Employment & Online Security for Kids

Sholove programs are designed to provide “Lift” in both an area that is needed most (Employment) and Technology enablers that allow you to move through Cyberspace faster and more securely than ever before.  

Sholove Employment Training Services:

A platform of both online and in person Employment Preparation Trainings that will allow you have a better understanding of the “Process” involved in your search for employment. What you will learn during these sessions are the following:

  • How to uncover content pertaining to “You” when drafting your own resume

  • Who “You” are and what it is that you have to offer, even without a degree

  • How to uncover real opportunity and what to do with it

  • How to create a winning process using the same tools as the people that interview you

  • Creating effective Cover Letters, Resumes, and Thank You notes and when to use them

These are just a few of the areas that we will focus on during these sessions. Our expectation is that we will take one hour to review these and many other topics associated with your Employment search. All you will need is a computer, paper and pen, and your attention to details in order to begin changing your future… NOW!

Military personnel whether active duty or discharged are welcome to participate, we’ve developed a special module just for you. These webinars will be on a weekly basis initially, then will become a bi-monthly process. Please watch this page or go to www.sholove.net for more details on dates and webinar access address.

Our trainings will also be in person at local churches, schools, or venue’s near you. Please also watch for updates.

What you do next

Please go to www.sholove.net to view resources and tools to assist you further in developing your content or contract us to have our profession staff develop your resume for you. We realize that a great many will want to do their own resume, use the PDF files on our site to assist at no charge!

Remember… when your resume is complete, our goal is that you will be able to say. “Yeah that me alright” and “I really do have something to offer!”

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