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McAfee – Online Safety for Kids

As the largest dedicated security company, McAfee has a big opportunity to equip the next generation of computer users to protect themselves from the growing number of cyber criminals. The McAfee - Online Safety for Kids school initiative employs volunteers to help train school-age children and parents on ways to stay safe and secure, as well as maintain good ethics in their online behavior.  Each 30-60 minute session provides students or parents with content and materials based on the STOP.THINK.CONNECT™ National Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign. This campaign was developed by the STOP. THINK. CONNECT.™ Messaging Convention, a public-private partnership established and led by The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) and National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), of which McAfee is a founding member. As a business partner of McAfee, Sholove is empowered to deliver this message to help create smarter, more responsible Internet users across the nation.

Find out more by visiting the McAfee – Online Safety for Kids website:

• McAfee – Online Safety for Kids matches our industry volunteers with schools and youth groups around the world, utilizing their professional expertise to help keep kids safe on the internet.


• McAfee, an NCSA sponsor, helped to develop a national cyber security education and awareness campaign with a curriculum focused on teaching children how to safely navigate the Internet. The program offers age-appropriate discussion topics pertaining to cyber safety, cyber security and cyber ethics.

• Adult Education – McAfee volunteers are also available to facilitate parent/child workshops to bring parents a step ahead of their tech savvy kids.


• McAfee’s Cyber Safety Resource Portal offers a variety of free resources.


Safe Never Sleeps: When asked why McAfee employees volunteer, Chief Privacy Officer Michelle Dennedy responds, “our corporate culture is one of commitment to a cause that extends beyond the borders of our products or individual jobs. The McAfee world has no sidelines. McAfee employees are not bystanders. We advance the unyielding belief that our communities’ most vulnerable populations must be enabled to participate safely in the digital age and we must empower our future leaders to protect themselves and those around them.”       

Here are the facts

  • Think again – 62% of parents don’t think children can get into trouble online

  • Too much information – 86% of youth post personal information online

  • Kids push the limits – 48% of youth have looked up a site that parents would disapprove of

  • Yikes – Almost ½ of youth have had a negative experience online

  • Are you surprised – Almost 70% of youth admit to hiding online activities

  • Get tech savvy – 46% would change their behavior if they knew their parents were watching

Sholove and McAfee are ready to “Start the Conversation!”


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