Youth Renewal Programs

Youth Renewal Programs

Most Youth Renewal Programs don't take into account the true causes of the issues that surround the ways in which young adults act out negatively toward themselves, their peers, and the communities in which they live and work. Most programs are simply designed to give kids something to do, some form of amusement or entertainment to pass the time while their parents work or relax for a precious few moments. At ShoLove International, we understand and fully believe that youth programs should be designed to provide a sense of meaning and accomplishment to the young adults who are involved in them. Let's face the truth here. Teens today are not always cared for in their communities in the ways which they need to be. They often face issues such as insecurity and a lack of the sense of self that comes from having a solid family and community foundation. Many teens simply don't have this foundation to build on, and as a result, they find themselves emerging more and more fully into the world without truly knowing who they are. This is where the negative attitudes, disrespect, and harmful habits come from. Teens don't need to be controlled. They need to be guided. This guidance is what we seek to offer through each of our programs. ShoLove International is an organization committed to helping young adults work through the difficult issues in life. Youth have to face a lot of issues as they grow up today, perhaps more issues than any generation has ever had to face before. Lief has changed, and growing up is a process that has changed as well. The world is a different place than many of us have experienced before, and it is the youth of this present generation who are figuring it out. Those of us who have successfully navigated the waters of young adulthood now need to look back and help this next generation of teens do the same. This is why ShoLove International was founded. It's why we do everything that we do. We get up each day and run these programs for youth because we believe that is si one of the only ways to reach out to those teens that don't have any other source of identity or security in this rapidly changing world. We can't do this alone, though. We need help. We need the support and assistance of individuals like yourself who care about the young adults in their communities. Running these programs is not easy. We have a lot of needs that can be filled by the assistance of volunteers like yourself. If you're interested in making a difference in the world, consider helping out as we here at ShoLove International strive to make positive changes in communities everywhere by reaching out to young adults.

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